Phone Numbers - General Info

Buying a phone number makes it easy for people to call you. Phone numbers are available in many countries around the world.

When people call your number the call is routed to wherever you want. Your home or mobile phone, your office, laptop or even your Android phone.

For example, If you have a business in USA, Europe or Asia you can provide a phone number for prospects and clients to call you without an international charge. The call will automatically forward to wherever you want at very low rates. No more high roaming charges.

Our point and click system allows you to route your calls depending upon the time of day or day of the week. No contracts. Month to month. You can have a new phone number in a matter of minutes.

Many people cancel their home and/or their mobile phone service and only use our phone numbers. Magnetos service is more powerful, more flexible with big savings too.

Phone numbers have a monthly price plus a per minute cost depending upon where you forward your calls. For example, pricing for a USA phone number is $2 or $3 per month depending upon how long you buy it for. Per minute pricing for incoming calls can be found in the column on the right.

Phone Number - Pricing per minute

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Pricing per minute for incoming calls

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